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A fascinating new book by the bestselling author of Make it BIG!, Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach, Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies and Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle

Renowned real-estate “artist” Frank McKinney reveals the most important spiritual principle he attributes to success. He explains how God has tapped him (and taps everyone) many times in life, answering prayers and presenting life-changing opportunities. The Tap shows you how to sensitize yourself to feel, then act on your life's great "Tap Moments," embracing the rewards and responsibilities of a blessed life.

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The Tap is about accepting the inherent responsibility and gaining the confidence in your ability to handle the "more" we all pray for, whether it’s more wealth, health, happiness, love, peace, friendship, or whatever the "more" in your life represents.

Anthony Robbins, world renowned speaker and bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power remarks: "McKinney expertly illustrates the way to true fulfillment, providing a powerful reminder that it lies not through the accumulation of wealth, but through the path to contribution."

For more than two decades, Frank McKinney has been blessed with the ability to create art in the form of the most magnificent oceanfront estate homes in world. The world's wealthiest clamor for McKinney's masterpieces, each inspired by exotic locales and infused with vivid imagination.

Yet, just a two-hour flight away from these palaces, in the least developed country in the Americas, McKinney has been "tapped" by God to create entire self-sufficient villages in Haiti through his Caring House Project Foundation.


Over that near 25-year span, Frank McKinney has come to understand, live and feel what he refers to as "The Tap." Many of these "tap moments" have been experienced since the inception of his Caring House Project Foundation <>.

He wants you to experience The Tap too!

"Pulitzer Prize Material! After 30 + years in business and hundreds of books later "The Tap" has encompassed every aspect of life. Frank is the most all around (hits every area of success in life) author I have read. This book is in my top 5 recommendations of any book I have read. I am so impressed with this message and story I bought 15 copies to give as gifts."  - Fred DeFalco

From a recent book review:

As I turned the pages of my book, I realized I could barely see the pages due to to the stickies, marks and notes that I made. This book feels like a business book, workbook, manual and spiritual guide all in one. The Tap speaks to the infinite field of wealth, prosperity and success. I learned so much from this book. Synolve Craft, Editor Infinite Field Magazine.





This book is for those who don't feel they're succeeding at the level they desire in the business we're all in: the business of life.

Whether you're seeking greater financial rewards or some other kind of uplift, this book reveals there's one solution: Learning to feel The Tap and then acting on it.

It primes you to start thinking that the rewards of success aren't meant for you alone, regardless of whether those rewards are already in hand or coming soon.

But the rewards will come with astonishing speed and size to those who act on the greater responsibility that comes with greater blessings.

The Tap shows you the way.

“I believe a good portion of Frank’s success can be attributed to what he does for those less fortunate around the world. The gaining of material wealth means little without responsible stewardship for those blessings. McKinney has shown how to increase one’s wealth, both in terms of riches and more important, enrichment. He reveals how responsible stewardship guarantees success in the business of life.” - RICH DEVOS Co-founder of Amway, owner of the Orlando Magic, and author of Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People.



Inspired by the biblical passage from Luke 12:48, “from those to whom much is entrusted, much will be expected,” The Tap promises readers that as they attune themselves to this enduring truth, they’ll feel God’s tap and experience breakthroughs beyond comprehension.

McKinney isn’t a preacher or man of the cloth; he’s a businessman who’s discovered that faithful stewardship is a prerequisite to receiving greater resources.

In The Tap, McKinney shows how you, too, can enrich your life beyond what you might ever have imagined for yourself--if you learn how to listen and respond to The Tap.

Why, then, haven't you always recognized your "Tap Moments"? The Tap answers this by leading you to find how you've been blessed with the special ability to succeed at some level, yet the rewards of your success aren't meant for you alone. 

You will learn that as you profit personally, you can choose to gain a greater awareness of the needs of others and enact the social responsibility that enduring success encourages you to pursue.

In The Tap, McKinney references scripture and uses examples from daily living, as he helps you recognize these special "Tap" opportunities and gain the self-confidence to expand your world for more success, happiness and fulfillment.

"For me, Frank McKinney identifies core moments that create definition in a person's life...the "Tap" moments. Achievement, success, and contribution are given context and meaning in a larger world, for a larger purpose. It is refreshing and lends balance to the pace, pressure, and misaligned priorities I can find myself succumbing to in my daily pursuits. Like Frank's other great books, The Tap is about defining success, achieving success, and enjoying success. The difference in The Tap is pointing out the importance of living with greater awareness and an increased level of consciousness to truly make it big!

It is an inspiring read with many points of wisdom. I recommend it for anyone truly serious about achieving success in life. -Todd Gorishek


How to sensitize yourself to God's call and be prepared for the times when you're most likely to experience "Tap Moments"
What unexpected consequences come with an "enlarged territory" and how to gain the confidence to handle the rapid rate of ascent that accompanies The Tap
How in the moment of perceived silence--when it seems as if your prayers aren't being answered in the ways you'd hoped--you're invited to "rephrase the question" and receive something greater than you've ever imagined
What to do if you've been feeling as if your success isn't enough ... as if there something more that will bring you fulfillment, happiness, and a sense of greater accomplishment
Why you can't really understand or apply such popular ideas as the law of attraction and "the secret" until you've been tapped
The way compassionate capitalism and spiritual stewardship are meant to co-exist
Here is a chapter for your enjoyment titled Tap Into Eternal Success 
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